[Part 2] Applying the New NCC 2022 Liveable Housing Guidelines

[Watch time: 1 hour, 21 minutes] Video and Audio file of Applying The New NCC 2022 Livable Housing Guidelines Q & A In this call, our guest is Michael Tyrell, Building Certifier, Structural Engineer and Managing Director from Building Approvals & Advice.  This session is a follow up to Part 1, and dives into more…

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[Part 1] Understanding the New NCC 2022

[Watch time: 1 hour] Video Training Session: Understanding the new NCC 2022 This video is Part 1 of our training session on the new National Construction Code 2022. In it, Michael Tyrell from Building Approvals & Advice will share the new structure and key changes to the NCC (released 1 Oct 2022). Then, Michael will…

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