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Your Mission, should you choose to accept it ...


15 APR 2024 - 17 MAY 2024

(Submit to your A-Team Captain by 10 MAY 2024)


WEEK 1: 15 APR 2024

  • Agree with your A-Team what task you’ll be doing
  • Identify individual mission tasks as well
  • Schedule Misson task time into your calendar
  • Print out your Mission PDF

WEEK 2 to 4: 22 APR 2024 - 10 MAY 2024

  • Work on your Mission tasks + check off completion
  • Check in with your A-Team
  • Share progress in the Facebook group


  • Let your A-Team Captain know what tasks you’ve completed

WEEK 5: 13 MAY 2024

  • Time to hear from all the A-Teams
  • Let’s celebrate!!

WEEK 6: 20 MAY 2024

  • Catch up and rest week before our next Mission

Tasks and resources for our LUNA Mission ...

Well-Being Get into nature (bushwalk / beachwalk) 2 X Mission
Relationships Surprise someone with a random gift / meal / act of kindness
Self-Improvement Schedule your personal time into your calendar (weekly)
Contract Create / Amend LLB 'Manage Variation or Extension of Time' system for your business (1 X mission) SYSTEM: Manage Variation or Extension of Time >>> [CLICK HERE]
Costs Costs reviewed for most recent job, scaled for correct overheads and profit TRAINING: Margins, Markups and Paying Yourself >>> [CLICK HERE]
Sustainability Determine your business' sustainability priorities (low carbon / low waste / low VOCs / designing for orientation / passive solar, etc)
Leader Listen to 3 X leadership podcasts.

Here are some podcasts to check out. Share your feedback in the Facebook Group and with your A Team:

Culture Organise a casual get together for your team / subbies etc
Client Review 'Manage defects', create / amend for your business and create email templates
Designer Project Sheet updated / created (2 X Mission)
Systemisation Review 'Conduct a Weekly Team Kickoff', create / amend for your business and create Weekly team prep sheet, and schedule weekly team meeting (could just be after your weekly site meeting) SYSTEM: Conduct a Weekly Team Kick Off >>> [CLICK HERE]
PAC Process Review 'Conduct a PAC Meeting' system. Create for your own business and create your PAC Meeting agenda SYSTEM: Conduct a PAC Meeting >>> [CLICK HERE]
Profit Read / listen to Profit First book (Shawn Van Dyke's or Katie's?) Profit First for Tradies Book and Podcast available
Shawn Van Dyke
Operations Watch the training session on Ai Tools.Experiment with an AI tool for your social media or website and share the results with your team. TRAINING: Ai Tools to Streamline Your Business


Post them in the Facebook group or email [email protected]