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Your Mission, should you choose to accept it ...

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22 JAN 2024 - 23 FEB 2024

(Submit to your A-Team Captain by 16 FEB 2024)


WEEK 1: 22 JAN 2024

  • Agree with your A-Team what task you’ll be doing
  • Identify individual mission tasks as well
  • Schedule Misson task time into your calendar
  • Print out your Mission PDF

WEEK 2 to 4: 29 JAN 2024 - 16 FEB 2024

  • Work on your Mission tasks + check off completion
  • Check in with your A-Team
  • Share progress in the Facebook group


  • Let your A-Team Captain know what tasks you’ve completed

WEEK 5: 19 FEB 2024

  • Time to hear from all the A-Teams
  • Let’s celebrate!!

WEEK 6: 26 FEB 2024

  • Catch up and rest week before our next Mission

Tasks and resources for our APOLLO 11 Mission ...

Well-Being Meditate 3 X per week You can find guided meditations on Spotify, YouTube, and Balance is a good app for beginners.
Relationships Check in with a friend 1 X week (call or meet up with them)
Self-Improvement Listen to a new podcast 1 X week Some suggestions:
  • Level Up with Duayne Pearce [CLICK HERE]
  • Get it Right with Undercover Architect [CLICK HERE]
  • Diary of a CEO [CLICK HERE]
  • The Mel Robbins Podcast [CLICK HERE]
  • The Property Couch with Bryce + Ben [CLICK HERE]
  • Sustainable Builders Yak [CLICK HERE]
  • The Tim Ferriss Show [CLICK HERE]
  • and search the ELEVATE Facebook group for more!
  • Contract Read your contract 1 X week
    Costs Review and update your overheads Check the training session and make a copy of the Google Sheet to create your own Overheads Calculator. Look at LAUNCHPAD (Module 2)
    Sustainability Sign up to Sustainable Builders' Alliance Sustainable Builders Alliance can be found here >>> [CLICK HERE]
    Leader Write down what type of leader you feel you are: what do you want to stop / start / keep? (1 X Mission) Use your journal to document this
    Culture Watch training session “The Power of Connection” with Rik Rushton You can find that here >>> RIK RUSHTON
    Client Define your ideal client (write it down) Learn more about yourself to then help define your ideal client in this session with Nik Hatherly >>> NIK HATHERLY
    Designer Organise to meet a new architect / designer to discuss their business and share more about how you work Training session on finding architects and designers with Amelia Lee >>> FINDING ARCHITECTS + DESIGNERS
    Systemisation Create / review your mind map and identify systems creation priorities This training session with John Tonkin will help you >>> MIND MAPPING
    PAC Process Get PAC Process TRAINED Revisit the PAC Challenge training and submit your answers to the quiz as your first step
    Profit Identify 3 areas to increase profits or reduce running / overhead costs
    Operations Watch Zoom training session and Create / Update your own Building Specifications Template You can find the training session here >>> BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS TEMPLATE


    Post them in the Facebook group or email [email protected]